To achieve a quality service, it’s all about dedicating the necessary time, consistent effort, and genuine passion for what you do.

Marisol Taco together with Pablo Carvajal  started Dracaena Explorations in 2000 with a mixture of fervor, conviction and dedication as a tour operator to deliver unforgettable experiences to the clients, giving them happiness and satisfaction.

Thanks to its experience and knowledge Dracaena has managed to stay in the market as part of the best travel agencies recognized worldwide and has successfully adapted to the changes that have developed over the years in tourism, but always under the same line of offering tours of excellence for our travelers.

Today, we are a tour operator with more than 23 years of national experience in the tourism sector. We have created alliances with operators who share the same philosophy in our tours, emphasizing sustainable travel. With our alliances we have generated income for the indigenous communities of our country giving them a better condition in their lives while maintaining their customs and traditions. We want you to know places you have never visited and new projects that have emerged over time.

Several adversities wanted to extinguish our traveling spirit, but we can not resist change, so we reinvent ourselves in this new stage of life, every day we try to make a difference, we want you to have a unique experience in your travels, we have extensive knowledge of all our destinations where you can plan your own vacation, we offer customized itineraries based on your individual needs and interests.

That traveling spirit has been maintained in each of our clients who have been able to appreciate travel in a different sense and has been transmitted by our team to our new generation of explorers.




Takes on the responsibility of furnishing all the necessary information to ensure a delightful trip for the tourists. Moreover, she actively manages the itinerary and ensures that each aspect aligns with the planned tour. Fueled by passion for her work from an early age, she embarked on a journey into tourism. Her aspiration is to offer unforgettable experiences and enjoyable stays to every client, all while striving to fulfill her ambition of becoming one of Ecuador’s most exceptional guides.


From overseeing itinerary management to post-trip follow-up, she diligently verifies and confirms every detail, ensuring our clients are in safe hands. In her role, she is committed to sourcing the best suppliers and delivering top-notch service. Notably, her love for traveling and exploring new cities fuels her passion to share these experiences with the tourists who choose our packages.


In charge of the digital and technological strategy, as well as the design and management of packages, routes, and tourist itineraries, your goal is to sell unforgettable experiences to our customers. Moreover, she is dedicated to creating websites that allow users to effortlessly access all the information they need to learn about the tourist products we have on offer.

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